First Floor Inspiration

First Floor Inspiration

Yesterday, I shared some pics of our condo. Since making some of the major decisions about the decor in our old place, I'd say that my taste has changed quite a bit, so a new house is the perfect opportunity to start fresh. Today, I'm sharing some images that are inspiring me for the first floor of our new place (which you can tour here).

DEEP NAVY via Rue Magazine - Our condo literally had zero trim around the windows, so I am reveling in the thick trim adorning all the windows in our new place. And I love the way deep, dark, saturated colors like navy make beautiful white moldings pop.

BRIGHT WHITES via Susanna Vento photography - There is something so calming and inspiring about white walls. I went overboard with the colors in our condo, but (with the exception of one navy space) I definitely want some white in the new place.

FUNCTIONAL GALLEY via Ahmann Architectural Services - The state of our kitchen when we purchased the house left quite a bit to be desired both in terms of decor and function. I love the functionality of a cozy galley kitchen, particularly when adorned in bright whites.

NEW MEETS OLD via Sharyn Cairns photography - Our house is old, and I don't want to try to fight that. Thankfully, there are so many inspiring spaces out there that beautifully marry old with new.

PRETTY PERSIAN via The Nesting Game - Hardware floors throughout provide the opportunity to cozy things up with area rugs, and I am dying over colorful Persian rugs right now.

So, what do you think? A departure from our old decor, huh? Do you think I can pull it off?

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  1. heck yeah you can pull it off! great inspiration!

  2. Our styles are very similar. I'm wanting to decorate with all of those things right now. I just bought and refinished a danish modern walnut dining table and am looking for the perfect chairs to go with it. I'm also totally sold on finding a navy blue sofa. So excited for you!

  3. Mandy, I saw your pin on Pinterest of the subway tile with contrasting grout and it reminded me of this guy's blog that I'm absolutely in love with that I'd bet you'd like too. http://www.manhattan-nest.com. His apartment is so well done and his humor keeps you reading. He's been in a couple of apartment therapy's contests.

    We just got a new house too, we'll be moving next weekend. I'm in lala land thinking of all the new decor possibilities!

    1. I saw your new house on Facebook. How exciting! And I'm so right there with you on all the ideas and future purchases spinning around in my head (as if a house weren't expensive enough, right?!)! I hope you give us a peek inside your new house through an Abernathy Crafts revival. If not, I'll be happy with FB updates.

      Thanks so much for the tip on the blog. I have not followed that one, but at just a glance I know I'm going to like it.


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