Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him

I hate shopping for men. Is it just me? How many tools or dress shirts or beer-themed things or golfing accessories does a man need (particularly if they don't play golf...like every man in my life)?! Thankfully, Michael gave me a very detailed list of options this year, and I've included all of them here, which means this is a certified guy-informed list. Plus some of my own picks (and yeah, there are beer-themed things here).

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Beer Chalices, PRO-JECT Turntable, DIY Neckties, Lagavulin Scotch 16 Year, DIY Camping Stool, Audio-Technica Headphones, Timex Watch, D&G Light Blue Cologne for Him, Growler Stand, Tweed Sport Jacket, iPad Case, DIY Leather Tie Clip, Pierre Ferrand Ambre 10 Year Old Cognac, Shaving Brush

Signature 1


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