Adore Magazine Double Feature!

Adore Magazine Dec/Jan 2015 Adore Magazine Annual Print

Adore Home Magazine - one of my favorite sources for home decor inspiration - has TWO new issues out right now, and I'm in both of 'em! The cover on the left is the December/January issue, and I'm sharing some of my favorite finds on page 22.

What's even cooler, however, is that Adore's very first annual print edition becomes available today! Sadly, you'll be hard-pressed to find it in the U.S., but if you happen to be in Australia, it's available for purchase at quite a few retailers and online here. Since it's not available around here yet, I can't resist sharing the pages featuring my workspace. Although these should look familiar to you, it's still pretty exciting to see them all laid out and magaziney.

Adore Magazine Features
Adore Magazine Features

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