DIY Mystery Supply Challenge: Ornaments

Ornament Challenge 3
Ornament Challenge 5

You know, guys, sometimes projects just sort of flop, and sadly, I think this is one of 'em. Last week, I introduced you to the DIY Mystery Supply Challenge with a group of crafty bloggers among which I'm still not sure why I'm included. Totally grateful but totally "I'm-not-worthy" situation. Anyway, I wanted to keep it simple. There's enough going on this time of year that there's no reason to go making ornament-decorating too complicated, right? So, I kept it real simple. In person, they turned out modern, understated, and even delightful, but boy, they just don't want to be photographed.

I really wanted to try to give it another go to, you know, impress the shit out of you guys, but my life for the last few weeks has pretty much been consumed by creating this and it just didn't happen.

Really selling it, huh?

So after that convincing introduction, read on to see what I did.


As a reminder, these were our assigned supplies: clear ornaments, fake snow, a paint pen, and a spool of ribbon.

Ornament Challenge 1

I used a black paint pen to add a simple ring of crosses to a couple of the ornaments.

Ornament Challenge 6

I hot-glued black velvet ribbon around the center of another couple of the ornaments.

Ornament Challenge 4
Ornament Challenge 5

Finally, I taped off a ring around the center of the last two ornaments. Then, I applied some Mod Podge with a paint brush, sprinkled on some of the shimmery fake snow, and removed the tape. Now, this one really, really didn't want to be photographed, but I promise, it's quite cute in person.

Ornament Challenge

Signature 1


  1. I love what you came up with! I didn't end up using the faux snow because I couldn't figure out what to do with it (I swear I had an idea at one point) but I love what you did with it! Thanks for participating :)

  2. I love the cross ornament! And definitely you win first prize for utilization of the faux snow :)

  3. Super cute! Love the black and white :) Those cross ornaments would be so cute to make for my son's tree. xoxo

  4. Aah! I love the ornament shapes you used! Didn't realize at all they were an option. These are so beautiful as a set, and I completely agree with Brittany- you dominated that faux snow.

  5. I think they are very pretty. :) I'm not a person who likes busy patterns and what you have done is perfect.

  6. That's such a great idea to have some bloggers participating in a "diy mystery supply challenge", and I love your ornaments, so simple, so pretty.


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