Shop Update

So far, my entrepreneurial endeavers over on Etsy have been relatively successful, if I do say so.  I've sold six clutches so far, and I'm working on a custom order of 11 for a bride-to-be.  Not too bad at all, huh?  Enough work to keep me busy, that's certain. 

I will admit that product photography may be just about one of the least enjoyable things ever.  I purchased a little lighting tent to help me out, but I have already broken two light bulbs trying to photograph these silly purses and I still feel like the lighting's all wrong.  Oh, well.  It's late, so I'll get to the point...

I've put some new clutches in the ole Etsy shop...just in time for the holidays ;). 


Check them out here!


  1. Love the new fabrics! I know what you mean about taking nice shots of your stuff (not that I am selling stuff, but I am trying to make my photos suck less)... I always have thought your clutch photos look really impressive though!

  2. Hey Mandy! These clutches are soooo fabulous! Hope you have lots of success with your etsy endeavor :)


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