New Kitchen Chalkboard

For a long time, I’ve been contemplating solutions for covering the unsightly utility boxes on my kitchen wall, which include both a breaker box and a mysterious box labeled “telephone.”  I tried painting over them to have them blend in, but I was left unsatisfied. 

For a while, I knew that a chalkboard would be the perfect solution, but I had to both finish other projects in there (i.e. lighting, painting) and track down the perfect chalkboard “canvas.”  I’d been stalking my local Goodwills for a bit hoping to find a frame in the right size with something in it that I could paint with chalkboard paint and at the right price (art and frames at my local Goodwills are surprisingly pricey…think $20+).

Last weekend, I found this guy…

Nothing too spectacular.  Not quite as big as I had wanted, but it was only $6, had a paintable frame, and this as its backer board…perfect for painting with chalkboard paint.

The rest is easy.  Paint the frame a glossy white to match the cabinets and contrast with both the chalkboard and the walls.  Paint the backer board with chalkboard paint, reassemble, and hang. 

Not exactly life-changing, but I like it.  Combine it with a strategically placed calendar, and those utility boxes disappear (but remain easily accessible).

And that’s right, we are headed to London in just 5 days!  So excited.

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  1. Ooh, looks great! I'm impressed at how well you've used the space in your incredibly narrow kitchen. Ours isn't quite that narrow (it does have counters on both sides), but it's probably half the length. Really hard to figure out the best usage of it.


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