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This week, the space shuttle Discovery was flown over DC on its way to the Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum.  I work across the street from the Capitol, so I had a pretty nice perspective.  Made me nostalgic for the days back in kindergarten when it was a big deal to watch the launching of the shuttles on TV and space camp was the stuff dreams were made of. [sniff, sniff.]  Goodbye space program.

What tickled my fancy this week:
  • Meg of Mini + Meg debuted a new series this week featuring DC-based bloggers doing things in DC.  I'm all about discovering new things to do in my city from stylish, fabulous people!
  • I'm sort of in love with the wood aisle at the craft store.  I always go and pick up little random things and try to figure out what I can do with them later, so my heart was filled with gladness when I saw tutorials from both You Are My Fave and The Proper Pinwheel, which put some of these items to good use--including an adorable cookie canister and glittered wooden fruit cups
  • The Decorista shared this amazing, antique-laden Brooklyn home tour featured in the New York Times. Um, wowzas.  If you weren't convinced by the home itself, though, read the story and you'll realize that you will never, ever be as cool as these people.
  • I'm really liking this upholstered headboard DIY from the HGTV Design Happens blog.  Different from the normal upholstered headboard, super dramatic in its height, yet arguably more approachable in its construction. 
  • Can't wait for the next party that I can try my hand at these receipt paper streamers from Hostess with the Mostess
  • This cardboard chandelier how-to from This Is Love Forever via the Etsy Blog is ah-mazing.  It's shown with a light kit, but how cute would a few of these be over a table at a shower or luncheon?  Super dramatic but ultra cheap!
In case you missed the goings-on here on Fabric Paper Glue, this week:

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