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I baked for the first time in ages this week.  I made this strawberry cake, and it was both easy and amazing!  And because it has fruit, it's totally okay to eat for breakfast.  Right?  I also started drinking coffee again and realized that I am like 100% friendlier and perhaps as much as 205% more productive.  Coffee must be a part of my life.  It's as simple as that.
The stuff that got me going this week:
...and in case you missed it, the things Fabric Paper Glue (that's me!) got into this week:
  • One step closer to the completion of the sloppiest reupholstery job there ever was!  But I'm no quitter, dammit (unless, of course, I decide that I want to be this one time).
  • An elegant font + fabric combination this week to inspire your party planning endeavors.
  • My final (for now) tutorial on how to put to use that beautiful gift wrap that you just can't bear to see someone rip into: A clock!
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  1. i gave up coffee for *one* day this week. by the end of the day i felt like absolute crap. i don't think i'll be doing that again. i figure im ok with being addicted as long as it's just one cup a day.


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