A Fabric & A Font - Wedding Anniversary Edition

Every week, I remind you that cohesive party decor can begin with a fabric and a font.  Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary (woot woot!), so I thought it appropriate to share the fabric + font combo that I used for my wedding.  I kind of cheated because I couldn't chose just one fabric.   I went with a whole, bright collection.  You can see the whole she-bang in action here.  Make sure to also check out the keepsake quilt I made from my table decor (another bonus of using fabrics for decor!).
P - Budmo Jiggler + AMH Good Folks .png
a fabric: Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks Collection from Free Spirit / no longer available (sadly)
a font: Budmo Jiggler by Typodermic Fonts available from Dafont

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