Tried That: Hank & Hunt's Spray Painted Animal Toys

Spray painting plastic animal toys is totally blowing up.  And yes, I realize how absolutely ridiculous that last sentence is.  But one of the first ones that I remember seeing were these fabulous gold animal birthday candle holders by Hank & Hunt for the Sweetest Occasion.   I also can't believe this is something that any human being would have on their to-do list in order to make time for (first world problems in the extreme).  Anyway, enough deprecating the entire premise that this blog is based upon.  I found 30 seconds to spraypaint myself an ostrich (Why?  Because the ostriches were on sale.), and I do believe that it is a lovely little addition to our home.

Tried That: Hank & Hunt's Gold Animal Toys
Tried That: DIY Party Animal Candles by Hank & Hunt for the Sweetest Occasion

The Tried That series is a concerted effort to try out all the amazing tutorials that I bookmark, pin, and generally drool over daily.  

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  1. awesome! I'm very much thinking of DIYing some plastic animals for house decor.

  2. I love it. I've seen it a few places, too, and want to try it myself.


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