Fabric, Paper, Glue, and Other Essential Supplies - Part 3

On this fine Labor Day, I'm continuing the revelation of my essential supply stash this week with a peak at my glue collection.  It's right there in my blog name, so it must be important, right?!  Seriously, though, glue is super important.  Having the right adhesive can make or break a project, so having all the possibilities on hand ensures that you're ready to go when inspiration strikes.

You can check out the full series here.


Read on for the full list.

Hot Glue Gun:  I honestly don't even use my hot glue gun all that much.  It's stringy and not super fail-safe, but it works great for attaching fabrics to other materials (like these fabric-covered signs that I made for my wedding).

Gorilla Glue:  This is all-purpose, super strong glue, but it does require some clamping (and time) while it sets.

Glass Glue:  This is what you'd use for gluing glass (duh), mirrors, and beads.

Vinyl Glue:  For gluing vinyl (duh, again), which is useful if you're sewing like a leatherette or something and need to hold a seam allowance down or in place.

Rubber Cement:  This is just the best for gluing paper to paper (including photos).  It doesn't wrinkle, and you can just rub away any excess that squishes out on the edges.

Mod Podge:  There really are so many uses for this glue, which is billed as a sealer.  You've seen me use it on everything from champagne glasses to clocks to trays.   It's less for attaching two things together discretely as it is for covering one thing with another material, and then slathering this stuff over it to seal it all in/together.  It comes in matte or glossy.  I like the matte, myself.

Clear Craft Glue:  This is your classic, all purpose tacky glue -- except clear.  This is basically my go to glue for nearly everything.  It's not the strongest seal in the world, but it's versatile.

Permanent Fabric Glue:  If you're a lazy sewer (as I can sometimes find myself), this stuff is a savior.  You can do a variety of simple projects by using this stuff in place of actually sewing, but make sure you get the permanent stuff.  Most fabric glues are temporary so that they hold stuff in place only until you actually sew it together.

Wood Glue:  For wood stuff (triple duh) like this brass sculpture thing and this wood veneer bowl.

Spray Adhesive:  This stuff can be messy and has some mighty fumes, but boy, does it make some jobs easy.  It's great when you're trying to get full coverage stickiness.  For example, I've used it on this fabric-backed family tree project and these little gift-wrap notebooks.

Do you use any amazing glues not mentioned here?

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  1. Weldbond, which calls itself a 'Universal Space Age Adhesive' and bonds most materials except some rubber and plastics; and Liquid Nails, a construction grade adhesive.

  2. Great list, Mandy!
    My personal favorite is adhesive transfer tape (with a dispenser) is great for paper. It is super strong and you can get acid free tape for gluing photos.

  3. E6000 - stinky but great for plastic, etc. Also a Xyron -- eliminates the need for spray adhesive in many cases. Plus there are other cartridges for laminating, magnets, etc.

  4. Hey, you might want to check out Elmer's Glue. The original Elmers Glue. I think it might do as well as Mod Podge. It dries very strong and clear after 2 - 3 days. Depending on how much is in one area.


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