Holiday Cards + Minted Card Review

It's that time of year again.  The one where I try to force my husband to have a conversation with me about what amazingly clever thing we are going to do for our holiday card.  Admittedly, we don't have a track record of being uber clever with our cards.  In our first year of marriage, I milked those wedding photos, and last year, I sort of half-assed it.  Anyway, I'm mulling some ideas for this year, but haven't settled on anything yet.  In the midst of said mulling, Minted asked me to do a review of their holiday card collection.

When it comes to holiday cards, my criteria generally boils down to three things:

1.  Must offer a matte finish.  I sort of hate glossy photo cards.  It's an irrational preference, but it's my preference.
2.  Must have some modern options with great fonts.  I have a weekly font post for goodness sake, so you know, I'm picky about my fonts.
3.  Must have some inclusive -- but clever -- greetings.  Call me a liberal, but I like my holiday cards to send well wishes even if you don't celebrate Christmas.

Conclusion:  Minted's holiday card collection meets all of these criteria and more.
Minted Holiday Card Review

In addition to meeting these criteria, Minted has options.  I mean, seriously, to estimate the number of options they have, you'd probably have to run some sort of sophisticated algorithm.  They offer over 400 photo cards and over 200 non-photo cards, and each of those cards have at least 2 color variations and many even offer shape variations.  They also have postcards.  So, yeah, if you can't find something you like, you can't be pleased.  I'm convinced of it.  Check them out yourself here.

Do you have any clever plans for your holiday cards this year?

Disclaimer:  Minted offered me some complimentary cards in exchange for this review, at which I eagerly jumped; however, all opinions are my very own.

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  1. Look at you and your sponsored post... If I didn't already have my Christmas cards ready to mail, I'd spend hours designing 12 cards that I hated to narrow down. :)

  2. I had a brilliant plan, but no time to execute, so engagement pictures it is! I look forward to receiving yours in my mailbox.


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