2nd Annual A Very Boozy Christmas Recap

This last weekend, we hosted our 2nd annual A Very Boozy Christmas party. Not much craftiness to share; although I was pretty freakin' proud of my evite!
FPG 2nd Annual A Very Boozy Christmas Invitation

...which carried right into our cocktail list for the evening.
FPG 2nd Annual A Very Boozy Christmas Cocktail List

At last year's Very Boozy Christmas, we offered something stupid like 12 different cocktails. Um, that was, well, stupid. So we kept it super simple this time, and it proved successful. I could not recommend those first two punches enough.  Beyond delicious (and dangerous) and perfect for making ahead.   Both are Food & Wine magazine recipes: Mother's Ruin Punch and Philly Fish House Punch.  We also did a little home infusion for the Honey Bourbon Toddy.

I took very few photos and mostly blurry ones.  Read on to see some of the shots I did get...including a touching moment between me and a piece of barware.
Highlights include...

Boozy Christmas Highlights 1
Cinnamon sticks in a pretty little pedestaled bowl.  Boring.

Boozy Christmas Highlights 4
Puttin' my cute little banner c/o of Minted and Alt Summit to use on our party bar.

Boozy Christmas Highlights 5
Our distinguished coat room attendant.

Boozy Christmas Highlights 2
A glorious gold sequined blazer + (bonus!) a little PDA by me and my new gorgeous gold cocktail shaker.  Yeah, I'm basically an idiot.

Boozy Christmas Highlights 3
Me in my party outfit?  Or my brother wearing pants?  This is what happens when you end a party with the word Boozy in the theme with a rousing and borderline inappropriate amalgamation of pictionary + telephone.

Mandy P
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  1. What a fun party! I may totally steal this idea next year :) And your sequin blazer rocks!

  2. This looks like so much fun!! Is that a painting of Pete on the wall??


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