Try This: Modern Mini Christmas Tree

Merry Modern Xmas Tree Tutorial
Try This: Modern Mini Christmas Tree

It's time for another Merry Modern Christmas project!  This time, I'm classin' up some ice cream spoons to create graphic little miniature Christmas tree.

Read on for the full tutorial.

Modern Xmas Mini Tree 041
MATERIALS: Cardboard Tree Form/Cone, Wooden Ice Cream Spoons, Black, White, and Gold Spray Paint, Craft Glue

Modern Xmas Mini Tree 042
ONE: Paint about 1/3 of your spoons gold, another third white, and the final third black.  Also paint the tree form in one of the three colors.  I chose the black since it covered the easiest.

Modern Xmas Mini Tree 043
TWO: Glue a ring of spoons all the way around the tree form in one of the three colors.

Modern Xmas Mini Tree 044
THREE: ...Then a second ring in an another color, overlapping with the first ring by about half, and staggered just a bit as shown.

Modern Xmas Mini Tree 045
FOUR: ...and then another ring in the last color.

Modern Xmas Mini Tree 046
FIVE: And so on until the whole form is covered.  Top it off with a little twine bow or some such embellishment of your choosing.

Those are some classy ice cream spoons, no?

Modern Xmas Mini Tree 047
Modern Xmas Mini Tree 048
Modern Xmas Mini Tree 049
Modern Xmas Mini Tree 050
Modern Xmas Mini Tree 051

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  1. Ooohh I like this. I might do this with some glitter...you have some fantastic tutorials on here!



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