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I've been meticulously planning out my dream workspace over the last few weeks, because, well, I guess I'm crazy.  After finding the perfect design elements, the appropriate storage, and the most beautiful office supplies, this collection of lovely art will round it out, and I've got to admit that I kind of feel sad about this elaborate day dream coming to an end.  Perhaps one day...

Fabric Paper Glue Dream Workspace 3

Read on for the details.

I want to fill my clean white walls with inspiring and meaningful art.  I presume that by the time I have a room to dedicate to crafting and blogging and whatnot, I'll no longer be living in our Nation's capital.  So, similar to the Nashville gallery wall that I have now, I'll want to pay homage to the city where I found my crafty little voice (and other important things like reconnecting with my now-husband, whatever, whatever).  Throw in some inspirational sayings, some pink balloons, a clock, a calendar.  Frame it all up in black and gold frames.  Oh, and add in some greenery and a brass monogram for good measure.  So, so lovely.

DC Metro Photograph / Mary Fortson Harwell Photography
LOVE Print / Nutmegaroo
Hanging Terrarium / Meg A. Myers
Brass Monogram / Gauge NYC
Balloons Photograph / Youngna Park via 20x200
2013 Calendar / Russell + Hazel
Black Print / Sarah & Bendrix
Y'all Print / Stephanie Creekmur
Sequins Print / Amanda Catherine Designs
DC Map Print / City Fabric
Phone Clock / Decoy Lab
Black Frames / Ikea
Gold Frames / Blick

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