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Over the last couple of weeks, I've been meticulously planning out my dream workspace for no good reason other than that I can and I like to torture myself with the impossible.  So far, I've covered basic design elements and storage.  "What's more glamorous than storage?!" you must be asking.  Office supplies, of course!  Seriously, though, there are few things better than an otherwise mundane object that has been beautifully designed.

Fabric Paper Glue Dream Workspace 4

Read on for the details.

When the day comes when I do finally get a dedicated workspace of my very own, I want it to be beautiful.  And when I say beautiful, I want every visible object to be as pretty and inspiring as possible.  This collection of office and desk supplies delivers.  Clean white, bold black, shimmering gold, glitzy acrylic, and a little pretty pink.  Swoon.  Beautiful acrylic and gold clip boards, gold binder clips, and black and gold twine to hold images and quotes of inspiration.  Gorgeous binders and pretty pink folders full of patterns and ideas. The prettiest scissors I ever did see.  This, my friends, is what a classy nerd's dreams are made of.

Clipboard / Russell + Hazel
Binder Clips / Office Max
Twine / Knot & Bow
Folders / Staples
Pencil Holder / See Jane Work
Paper Clips / Sam Flax NY
Tape Dispenser / Russell + Hazel
Shears / Restoration Hardware
Pencils / One Up Designs
Binders / Russell + Hazel

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