Try This: Modern Holiday Figurine Display

Modern Xmas Figurine Display Tutorial.jpg
Try This: Modern Holiday Figurine Display

I told you that I was going to subject you to yet another plastic animal toy tutorial, so don't say you weren't warned.  In this one, I'm paintin' some up for a simple little modern holiday figurine display as part of my Merry Modern Christmas tutorial series.

Read on for the full tutorial.

Modern Xmas Figurine Display 2
MATERIALS:  A Few Holiday-Appropriate Plastic Animal Toys, Black Spray Paint, Gold/Brass Liquid Gilding or Paint, Paint Brush, 8 Cotton Balls, 2 Miniature Glass Cloches (optional)

Modern Xmas Figurine Display 3
ONE: First, spray paint all of your toys black, and then choose one feature on each toy to paint back in in gold/brass.

Modern Xmas Figurine Display 4
Modern Xmas Figurine Display 5
TWO:  Gently loosen each of the 8 cotton balls, and then overlap them a bit to create two little mounds of fluffy snow.  Now, situate your little woodland creatures in them.

Modern Xmas Figurine Display 6
THREE:  Put a cloche on it.

Sidebar:  I have to say that I love what Portlandia's Put A Bird On It has done for my perspective of crafting.   If you ask me, yesterday's bird is today's gold spray paint. I'm not above gold spray paint by any stretch of the imagination (see here and here).  But if you want to make shit even classier than gold spray paint, put a cloche on it.  Trust me.  

Modern Xmas Figurine Display 15
FOUR: Or not.

My husband immediately said they looked creepy.  I think they're cute and maybe even a little classy and would argue that my husband has no vision.  What do you think?  Creepy or Cute?
Modern Xmas Figurine Display 8
Modern Xmas Figurine Display 9
Modern Xmas Figurine Display 10
Modern Xmas Figurine Display 7
Modern Xmas Figurine Display 11Modern Xmas Figurine Display 12

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  1. Love, em. Where did you find your tiny cloches?!

  2. Definitely cute. Mine would probably say they're creepy too, men are bizarrely unimaginative sometimes!


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