Tipsy Tuesday: Sparkling Pear Party Punch

Tipsy Tuesday Cocktail Recipes

If you haven't caught on yet, Michael and I are suckers for delicious cocktails.  Never will you attend a party at our place and be offered a vodka and soda or some such nonsense (unless, of course, we found some obscure soda that is the.best.soda.ever and you'll never drink another Schwepp's again...because, yeah, we're those people*).  In the few parties we've hosted, however, we've learned that it's good to have something mixed up in bulk in advance.  When people walk in your door, they're most interested in grabbing the easiest, most readily available beverage possible (or maybe my friends are just lushes).  This is the perfect holiday entertaining punch to have on hand.

Sparkling Pear Party Punch**

Sparkling Pear Party Punch Sparkling Pear Party Punch
Read on for the recipe.
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Sparkling Pear Party Punch
3 parts Pear Juice
3 parts Brut Champagne
2 parts Vodka
Ground Cinnamon
Fresh Pears
Cinnamon Sticks (optional)

In a pitcher or punch bowl, sprinkle a generous helping of ground cinnamon (think: about a pinch per serving).  Pour in pear juice, champagne, and vodka.  Stir to combine.  Float pear cross-sections on top.  Serve in champagne flutes, and garnish with a pear wedge and a cinnamon stick (optional).

*In my second Portlandia reference today, please watch their mixology spoof.
**I realize that this is my second spiced pear drink in a row.  I'm allergic to apples, so while everyone else is out there churning out cider drink after cider drink for the holidays, I've got to stick to the pears.  Give me a break, won't you?

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