Try This: Gift Envelope for Oddly Shaped Items

DIY Gift Wrap Envelope Tutorial

Try This: Gift Envelope for Oddly-Shaped Items

It's inevitable.  You end up with at least a few gifts that seem impossible to wrap for one reason or another.  Maybe they're oddly-shaped.  Maybe you just forgot a box for them.   If you do try to wrap them, you inevitably rip the paper at least twice and maybe you even drop an F-bomb (...or is that just me???).  I know you want to throw it in a gift bag and call it a day.  I don't care what people say, everybody loves to rip open a gift.  Don't deprive your loved ones of this simple little holiday pleasure.  I'm here to teach you how to wrap these gifts up by, well, not wrapping them at all.

Read on for the simple tutorial.

DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 1
Wrap all of these unboxed and oddly-shaped items and more!

DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 2
I'm going to show you how to do this with something simple like this sequined heart brooch.  Begin by cutting out a piece of sturdy gift wrap (I personally love myself some kraft paper) that's about 2.5 times wider and 1.5 times longer than your item.  It doesn't have to be precise, but be sure to give yourself room for the item to fit.

DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 3
Break out your rubber cement.  Fold in the ends to the center, allowing them to overlap by about a half an inch or so, and glue in place.

DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 4
Fold the top and bottom down and crease it.

DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 5
Cut the the edges of each flap at an angle, and completely cut off the interior layer of each flap on the fold (i.e. the layer with the seam that you glued shut).

DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 6
Glue the bottom flap shut.

DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 7
Slip your gift right in.  Glue the remaining flap shut, and pretty it up with some twine, gift tag, ribbon, sequins...anything fabulous.

DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 8
DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 9
And just to prove it's possible with more obviously oddly-shaped items, I wrapped up every single one of those items in the pic above.  See!  Much better than a gift bag, no?

DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 10
DIY Gift Wrap Envelope 11

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  1. haha - wish I would have read this last night!

    I have a decorative Urn that I'm having some trouble with :) As against gift bags as I am, that might be my only option!

  2. such a great idea and it looks so pretty! love the twine.


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