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@fabricpaperglue on Instagram
@fabricpaperglue on Instagram

I've done absolutely nothing noteworthy this week other than (successfully) trying to lure my cat into a punch bowl and cutting out like 250 pieces of leather for card cases.  Carpal tunnel, here I come! Anyway, here are some links.

Out There:
Me Sew Crazy: a pretty amazing purse refashion 
Smitten Studio: a clean, gorgeous in-process kitchen 
House of Earnest: the cutest DIY pet silhouette pillows eva'
Fellow Fellow: an easy-peasy fine line drawing tutorial 
In Here:
Tried That: a recreation of a Martha's pom pom blanket tutorial
Tipsy Tuesday: a faintly floral cocktail to perk you up 
A Fabric & A Font: a futuristic and colorful little combo
Try This: a 5-minute leather heart coin purse DIY

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If you've ever given one of my tutorials or cocktails a try or you've just been inspired by something you've seen here on Fabric Paper Glue, be sure to share a photo. I'd love to feature it!

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  1. Hi Mandy! I just found your blog via another blog. After looking back through some archives I'm very excited to me a regular reader. I just added you to my google reader. Keep up the great work and I always love a good cat photo. :)


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