{re}Try This: Geometric Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve Redux

There's nothing wrong with putting my own tutorials to use, right?  Glad you agree.  I revisited my recent step-by-step for a geometric laptop sleeve.  I have a confession.  My previous try didn't actually fit my laptop because I tried to create it from online specs before I had actually gotten my  computer.  Womp womp. Anyway, this time around, I tried a new color scheme and threw in some shiny gold for good measure.  What do you think?  Better than the original or just different?

Read on for more pics.

Laptop Sleeve Redux 1
Laptop Sleeve Redux 3
Laptop Sleeve Redux 4
Laptop Sleeve Redux 2

Mandy P
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  1. I love the gold even better than the original!

    1. I know, right?! I try my hardest to avoid every single one of my tutorials involving gold, but it's just so darn pretty!

  2. I really like your blog .. congratulations! beautiful creations!i follow you always.... I invite you on my blog .. http://noxcreare.blogspot.it .. let me know what you think .. I'm also a creative

  3. Better than the original. The gold is just the right touch. This would be a great quilt block too.

    1. I've done a few quilts with using this technique. They always turn out so modern and clean and impactful, and it's SO easy! Can you imagine a quilt with gold fabric? Ooooh....

  4. I love the colors and style.

    Super retro and girly


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