I {heart} Hearts - A Round-Up

Fabric Paper Glue Heart Project Round-Up

I'm a broken record, people.  Constantly reminding you of my love of hearts.  It's a defense mechanism.   If I don't admit the fascination, I fear you'll all be chiding me behind my back about how I'm obsessed and I don't even know it.  Yeah, it's stupid.  Whatevs.  Anyway, we're on the homestretch into the ole Valentine's Day, so I'm rounding up all my heart posts - old and new.  Read on for the full list of links.

Try This: Heart Planter Trio
Try This: Personalized Heart Ring Dish
Try This: Mini Heart Brooches
Tried That: Heart Travel Momento
Catharsis for the Conspicuous Consumer: A Heart Product Round-Up
{re}Try This: Striped Tote with Gilded Heart Charm
Try This: Half-Hearted Tote for Luri & Wilma
Try This: Leather Heart Coin Purse
Try This: Simple Heart Necklace
Try This: Chalkboard Heart Napkin Ties
Try This: Heart Clips

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