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Despite all the hearts on the blog, it's been another rough week around these parts.  While I could think of a few stronger words, all I'm going to say is that cancer sucks, y'all. After spending two weeks in Nashville with my parents, I'm headed back to DC tomorrow for fear that there may come a time when my presence is more valuable.  In the meantime, I need to spend some Q.T. with the husband and make some money at the ole day job.

Here are some links to take you into the weekend:

Out There:
A Fabulous Fete: champagne with a friend
Jones Design Company: tea towel art
In Here:
A Fabric & A Font: a romantic duo
Try This: heart clips

To see a round-up of all my favorite weekly links past and present, pop over to Pinterest 'cause I've got a board for that.

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  1. oh, man. Sorry to hear the news.
    On a happy note, all of the heats are lovely. ;)



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