Our New Home - Exterior

Our Nashville Tudor - Before 1 (1)

Last week, I shared photos of the inside (upstairs/downstairs) of our new/old house in Nashville. Today, let's take a look around the outside. This is the part where I'll be honest with myself. My dream house has always been a craftsman-style bungalow. Certainly not a Tudor revival. In fact, I remember hating Tudor-style homes as a child, but hey, I was only a child. What did I know?! Despite the fact that this wasn't exactly the house of my dreams, I still think it's pretty darn cute, with loads of potential for even more cuteness with a little TLC. I mean, there's a freakin' window box (if broken)! Read on for lots more pics.

Man, oh, man. Do those shrubs need a haircut or what?!

Our Nashville Tudor - Before 2 (1)

And this front door is just begging for some color, no?

Our Nashville Tudor - Before 7 (1)

This right here is probably the biggest change for us...a yard! Somebody's gonna have to learn how to mow grass (and it ain't me!). There's a great deck that could definitely use a little work (and maybe a step).

Our Nashville Tudor - Before 5 (1)
Our Nashville Tudor - Before 3 (1)

Finally, there's even a little arbor with a grape vine. I'm such a sucker for crap like this.

Our Nashville Tudor - Before 4 (1)

What do you think? Do you see the same potential that I do? If not, I've been pinning some inspiration over here.

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  1. Congrats with your new home! This one got so much potential and you're the right people to nurse this. Have a beautiful day:-)


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