My Favorite Purchase

Kitchen Menu 5
I'm sharing things a little out of order here, but after not making and then making this purchase at the Nashville Flea Market this weekend, I was just so freakin' excited about it that I photographed it in its new home right away.

In its purchased state, our kitchen was neither the most attractive nor the most functional, and due to both of these factors, we had no reservations whatsoever about ripping the whole thing out and starting from scratch. So in the month before we moved in, that's just what happened, leaving us with a brand new, sparkly kitchen in a nearly 80 year old house (pics coming soon, I promise). Enter: the new meets old inspiration that I shared a couple of weeks ago, which is surprisingly hard to accomplish in a kitchen with only one partial wall bare. So, when I happened upon this old menu at the flea market on Saturday from a shuttered cafe in Illinois, I immediately fell in love. Read on for more pics and the riveting tale of this purchase.

The Story: Weighing in at about 4 feet by 3.5 feet, I text Michael for measurements to make sure we have room for it. He texts me back some rough estimates, and realizing it's too wide for the space, I leave oh-so sad. I get home and realize he has mistakenly taken measurements from the switch plate to the counter when the art would actually be hung just above the counter. I dream about the menu that got away that night because that's the kind of person I am. The next morning, I text my friend Emily a pic of how my husband has misled me in his silly measurement-taking. She informs me the flea market is open on Sunday too (what?!). I hastily go back. I buy that sucker. I get an intense delt workout hauling that heavy-ass sucker back to my car. I go home, hang it, and then basically make-out with it because I love it so freakin' much. I mean, look at all those finishes -- new and old, natural and man-made -- all working in concert together [insert evil laughter here...for some reason...or perhaps a giddy giggle, I don't know].

Kitchen Menu 1
Kitchen Menu 2
Kitchen Menu 3
Kitchen Menu 4

Oh, and in case you're curious, this is the wall -- the one with the pass-through -- that we're looking at.

Our Nashville Tudor - Before 7

And that, my friends, is the story of my favorite purchase...perhaps ever.

Signature 1



  1. LOVE it! Great find! See, you're a flea market natural :)

  2. Wow, looks so cool and unique.

    Vanessa from www.thelittlekicks.com

  3. Ahh! So glad it ended up fitting AND it was still there the next day! It's so great!

  4. Love it, Mandy! Such a cool piece! Going to a huge flea market this weekend too, hope to get as lucky as you. xx

  5. I love it!!!! I fret about missed purchases myself!! I may have to take a road trip from Memphis to hit the flea markets in Nashville!!


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