Fabric, Paper, Glue, and Other Essential Supplies - The Grand FInale

Alright, it's finally time to wrap up this essential supplies series.  To recap, over the last couple of months I've covered all the supplies that I like to have on hand for painting, sewing, adhering, tooling, and jewelry-making.   Now, for the grand finale, let's take a peak at the supplies that I like to have around for paper-crafting and gift-giving.

Paper & Gift Supplies 1
Paper & Gift Supplies 2

Read on for the full list.
Punches:  I love punches.  They make everything easy and looking perfect.  They can be a little expensive, so I say use a coupon and keep it simple.  You won't find highly specific punches in my craft closet.  Just the basics -- a corner rounder, a couple of sizes of hole punches, and small/medium/large circle punches.  I use those circle punches like it's my job.

Bone Folder:  A bone folder just helps you press the creases down on folds.  You don't really need one as you could probably use something like an envelope opener in the same way, but it's a cheap little tool and can save your fingers.

Xacto Knife:  This is another tool that I use like it's my job -- in combination with my self-healing mat and metal ruler.  It makes both straight and detailed cuts a breeze.  Make sure you keep plenty of extra blades on hand, because the key is a sharp blade.

Shredding Scissors:  I like to use my shredding scissors for making fringes and pinatas.  Specific, I know, but they make those kinds of projects a breeze.

Scissors: Duh.  But yeah, get some good paper cutting scissors, and use them for nothing but paper.

Metal Ruler + Self-Healing Cutting Mat:  These guys are great in combination with an xacto knife.  They make cutting straight lines super easy -- especially if you're trying to cut a whole lot of a specific thing -- like cards or an invitation.  If you're into sewing, you can use the same mat for both.

Doilies:  Doilies are sort of my go-to package prettifier.  They make a plain package instantly more beautiful.

Ribbon:  You've gotta have some grosgrain ribbon on hand for fancyin' up a package.  I'll tie practically anything up in a grosgrain ribbon.

Brads:  I like keeping brads around for making booklets and the like.

Twine:  I can't even name all the ways that I use twine, but it seems like I'm constantly pulling it out for one reason or another -- and not just for packages.

Gift Wrap:  I always keep beautiful non-event-specific gift wrap on hand so that I'm always ready to wrap up a gift no matter the occasion.  My personal favorite gift wraps are the hand-painted papers from World Market.

Letter Stamps & Ink:  A little set of letter stamps like these will set you back about a buck, and they're great for personalizing all kinds of little projects.

Tissues Papers

Card Stock:  I am constantly using card stock for all kinds of things, and I like to have any color I might need on hand at all times.  I usually just stock up on the different multi-color stacks when they go on sale at Michael's, and I'm good to go when a project arises.

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