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I'm in Nashville for the weekend. We're primarily here to celebrate Michael's 30th birthday by seeing Bob Dylan, Wilco, and My Morning Jacket on Sunday. But I'm sad to say that the purpose of our trip became two-fold when one of my college roommates' father passed away earlier this week. While both his passing and my mom's earlier this year -- both from cancer -- were decidedly untimely, gosh, it's such a remind of how real things seem to get the older we get. Having said that, I'm happy I can be here -- if only in the crowd -- during such a difficult time for her. Even though I wasn't able to talk to everyone at my mom's funeral, I will never forget how touching it was to have the support of friends that, in some cases, I hadn't seen in ages. It really was priceless. Now, enjoy these decidedly more cheerful links, won't you?

Out There:
Oh So Beautiful Paper: St-Germain housewarming party
Color Collective: a beautiful color scheme
Oliver + S: kitty wrist rest sewing pattern
Stripes & Sequins: DIY jump ring coil bracelet
Domaine: Caroline Gomez cutting boards
In Here:
Humiliating Michael: childhood photo pins
Tipsy Tuesday: boozy tropical milkshake
A Fabric & A Font: a romantic combo
Semi-DIY: gilded drawing figure
In Here Out There:
Whimseybox: 7 pom pom trim projects
Luri & Wilma: DIY travel napkin

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  1. It is a show of respect for the individual to attend a funeral. I was also moved by the attendance at funerals for my family members.

    I also enjoyed seeing all these projects.

  2. You are the best. It meant so much to me to see your face (especially when I know going to a friend's parent's funeral is so close to home right now). Love you!


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