Twelve Goals in 2012: Check-In

Alright, folks, we're officially 25% of the way done with this year, so I figure it's time for a check-in on the ole goal list I created for my blogger self back in January.

Twelve in 2012

1. Start a blog series.
I started this one back in January with my Fabric Paper Glue series.  While I've abandoned that one a bit, I've started a couple of others -- A Fabric & A Font and 1 Supply: 3 Projects -- that I think will be sticking around.
2. [Figure out how to] Take better photos.
I'm not sure I've learned anything new per se, but I've better committed to using plain backdrops and natural light. 

3. Revamp my bathroom.
I'm slowly working towards this goal and acquired many of the pieces, but there's still a few key items that I'm waiting to find.

4. Save for a new kitchen countertop.
Yeah, um, an impromptu Super Bowl Sunday purchase of a pretty sweet television may have set us back on this one a bit.

5. Try more new, different, and original projects.
I've got to say that I have totally rocked this one out.  I'm constantly writing down little ideas or strolling down every aisle in the craft store just to get my wheels spinning.  I'm having a lot of fun with it, and I argue that it's as good for the brain as Sudoku. 

6. Post at least one tutorial a month.

7. Keep the clutter to a minimum.
Yeah, I guess. 

8. Leave my xacto knife laying around on the floor less [and therefore stay married longer].
Check!  A non-bleeding husband is a happy husband.

9. [Make up my mind already and] Choose a new coffee table.
Done and done and done.

10. Follow through on all the tiny little projects I've had on my list for months, maybe years [like changing the screws on my undercabinet lights] [but for the sake of my readers, do not blog about this].
Nope.  Not a one.

11. Throw more parties [woot woot].
Nope.  Not a one.  Sad face.

12. Comment more on others' blogs.
I'm tryin', man.  I should really try harder, because I've sort of been bummed lately about the paucity of comments here on Fabric Paper Glue. 

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  1. I am also trying to comment more on others blogs :-)

  2. this post reminded me of my goals and how much i'm sucking at them. thanks a lot.

    but! i'm really enjoying your "fabric and a font" series. there are a ton of cool fabrics and fonts, but even more lame ones, so it's nice that you pare it down for us.

    1. Sorry for the disservice. If that's the case, can I take credit for the Year of the Kitchen??

  3. Good jobs on the goals! I need to re-evaluate... Love the one sUpply, three projects!

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking this goal list is actually getting my ass in gear on some things.

  4. I totally get number 12. I can relate to a lot of your goals


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